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Illustrating in Istanbul!

I had the most brilliant time illustrating this mural at the HR Forum Istanbul

The aim was to get some of the key themes of the event Illustrated combined with the essence and energy of Istanbul. Good job I am a patterny, tile, colour addict already!

I was really able to immerse myself in the city with an incredible 1:1 tour!

Obviously took the YesColours on this trip with me as they have been by my side for all the Christmas Baubles I created. I couldn't just leave them at home and I could see them featuring very well in the mural. The colours were also very similar to the ceiling of the Mosque I visited so fully on "Istanbul" Brand! Definitely brought some movement and dynamism to the Illustrations. The Turkish hospitality was beyond next level!

I loved creating these fast paced drawing/painting in my hotel room before the event, trying to capture the energy with the super bold colour palette. Free and expressive. Became the perfect talking/point of interest as the mural evolved. 100% up for using this technique in the future as it means you have something to engage with as the mural evolves. YesColours really bringing the vibrancy like a dream!

I would absolutely love to Illustrate abroad again and am very open to traveling to events all around the World. Please get in touch if you would like something similar.

Thank you

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