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Me and my love for Bunting

So Illustrated paper bunting has always been a bit of a thing, so much in fact that it has a whole section of my website devoted to it. From baby showers and weddings, to corporate office parties (remember those!) to celebrating 70 years of the NHS. Bunting has always had a part to play. There really has been a design for every occasion. For my winter range I developed a Colour your own Christmas Bunting set. This combined crafty, mindful colouring with a buy one pledge one model, so when you purchased one for yourself you had the option to pledge another set to a Children's Ward, Care Home or to looked after Children (Children in care.)

Here are some images of the recipients enjoying colouring in and some completed sets.

I am so pleased with where the pledged ones ended up. I also really enjoy receiving feedback like this. This absolutely made my day/week/month/year!!

Bunting found its way to Great Ormond Street Hospital, Queens Hospital Romford, King Georges Hospital Ilford, University College London Hospital, Rocking Horse Charity Brighton to name a few. Mainly through the play specialists and my contacts within that sector.

This bunting theme has continued with a download and print at home version of some "LOVE" themed bunting perfect for Valentines Day along with lots more downloadable colouring pages for you to enjoy!

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