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Mother and Daughter Studio Workshop

The first Mother and daughter (All family member combo's welcome) workshop was a great success. The main themes were confidence building, bold fun expression and mindfulness.

We did this through Sharpie warm ups, free form expressive drawing followed by a complete change of pace with observational (dip) pen and ink nature study. Feedback was that scratchy quills were very satisfying!

We then got super bold with sweeping brush strokes where we captured our personalities through colour! Thank you very much to YES Colours for your taster pots. I then ran a mini cartoon workshop (Similar to the ones I have taught at the school) touching on facial expressions and moods. We then worked on portraits incorporating everything we had covered so far.

Posca Pen joined the party as pattern was used to combine the elements together. I was super pleased with what was created and it was so wonderful to curate my studio to be full of inspiration and materials ready to be delved into. Feels like a perfect way to spend a Saturday afternoon!

Please get in touch if you would like me to tailor make you your own session with a family member!

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