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Sunshine and Sketchbooks.

I spent a bit of time travelling in Albania and Spain over the summer and felt it was important to have a "Physical" sketchbook. This was a reminder to practice drawing, for pure joy and capture things with as much colour and vibrancy as possible. I have become reliant (Although I am still totally in love with the possibilities) with my iPad and Procreate and this gave me the opportunity to step away from this and go right back to basics. This continued once I returned home and as per usual there was a botanical twist!

I hope once the weather gets warmer, I can create some group sketching sessions in the Park. (priory Garden's Orpington. Please get in touch if you would like to join!

I think it is important to showcase the WIP and the freeform creation of idea. It doesn't matter if its not quite perfect, that is part of its charm!

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