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Winter Range 2020- Product Overview

Last Christmas was the first time I properly developed a range. This included Christmas Cards, Colour your own Christmas Bunting kits, along with handmade Velvet Cushions and Velvet pouches with soap.

Some of these Cushions are still available and have 20 % off at the moment. All Christmas cards and Bunting have 50% off to make space for the new products coming in for Spring/ Summer 2021.

These Cushions would also make a perfect Valentines gift (or pretty much any day of the year gift tbh) At the moment shipping is only in the UK but I can arrange international delivery by a case by case basis. The cushion cover can come without an insert to save on shipping costs but there may be a few factors (to say the least) involved with getting them to you in a timely manor. Please get in touch if you would like a product with international delivery and I can investigate! Thank you very much!

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