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Colouring Through Corona- SPRING EDITION

At the beginning of the first lockdown I created some colouring in pages for people to enjoy and have a moment of mindfulness during the uncertain times. I also made some colour your own Christmas Bunting kits and really enjoyed seeing the pictures coming through of the completed sets.

Now it is the spring of 2021 and we are in lockdown AGAIN. In amongst the working from home and the home schooling I wanted to make something which you can take a moment away from it all and just sit and colour. I have Illustrated some more detailed versions that are suitable for young people and adults and some chunkier bolder designs for little hands.

I wanted to get a printer in house so I could have a print on demand service from Studio Beci. Unfortunately a combination of Brexit/Corona/Homeschooling meant there is a shortage of printers, so I will have to be patient for a while. In the meantime I thought a downloadable service would be good for those who have their own printers at home/work so you can still get your colouring in fix!

Initially I started these with a Valentines vibe, but to be honest people need as much "Hope" and "Love" as possible at the moment. These can be downloaded and coloured at home, so you actually don't need to leave your house to get that last minute Valentines Card, plus by colouring it yourself you can add your own, special individual touch!

Big "LOVE" and "HOPE" are perfect to pop in the window. Let's bring more colour to the facade of your houses like it was in the first lockdown. With colder weather and a much greyer outlook this is now the time for COLOUR!!!

I gave these a sneaky colour myself on my Ipad- Here is LOVE and HOPE

Here are the more detailed designs! (Including the Bunting above)

All available to download HERE! They are £2.00 each but if you work for a Charity/NHS?Care home etc please get in touch and I will send you a link to download for free. Please pass on this link. It brings me great joy to know people are colouring these pages all round the country and hopefully one day the WORLD!! Please share on social with me @studiobeci on Instagram & Twitter

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