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Dinner Club- 2 Saturday 17th June

Creativity, Community and Connection

On the 2nd of June swatees_chaipartyz and I put on our second Dinner Club Event at the historic venue of The Orpington Priory.

The Creative activity was either Pot painting or Mirror decorating. This was accompanied by the most delicious Indian Food. Here is the menu from the night.

Similar to the previous event, a lot of attention was paid to curating the space to enable CREATIVITY, CONNECTION and COMMUNITY . One of the ways this was done was personalised place settings and lots of visual stimulus and inspiration.

The food was given with a sense of theatre and some of these reactions definitely speak for themselves.

Whilst the food was being enjoyed the creative activities were introduced. I love this picture as its the perfect combination of the tasty desert and creative equipment co existing in harmony together!

We also had an impromptu Sound Bowl accompaniment from Fay which added an extra dimension to the evening!

Here are some snapshots from the event. Guests had the perfect opportunity to flex their creative muscles and get into a state of mindfulness flow completing their artistic activity.

Hopefully this moment enabled them to feel stress free and relaxed and connect with the other people round the table.

Here are some pictures of, "work in progress" during the evening.

Final photo's of the creations!

WOW!! Thank you so much to our wonderful guests! Our next one is on the 4th November and you can buy tickets HERE

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